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Why Atlas Alignment Is Key for Brainstem Function​

For free flow of communication between the brain and body, the brainstem must be functioning properly. Normally the atlas helps to maintain this functionality. However, an atlas misalignment can have negative effects on brainstem function. Correcting the misalignment is vital so that nerve communication can flow freely.

Why Atlas Alignment Is Vital for Proper Skull Alignment

Since the skull sits directly atop the atlas, even the slightest misalignment can affect the entire body and brain. It controls the alignment of the entire spine as well as the hips and shoulders. If the atlas is misaligned, the entire body responds in an attempt to keep the head held up properly.

Upper Cervical Care - A Modern Innovation in Atlas Alignment

Upper Cervical Care is a true innovation in the field of chiropractic and overall health in general. Safe ways of aligning just the atlas bone have been developed. Thus, corrections can be gently and safely applied to relieve problems throughout the spine and body.

Upper Cervical Care is Safe and Effective

Some may wonder: What is the difference between Upper Cervical Care and general chiropractic manipulation? The primary differences are in the safety and precision of the adjustment. Upper Cervical Care does NOT involve cracking, twisting, or popping of the spine. Upper Cervical Care is safe for all ages—from infants to the elderly.